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We plan and deliver personalised AI blog articles weekly. 

Why do you need a blog page?

Posting regular and informative blog articles will allow you to:

Increase website traffic

When people search for a question, your website and blog post will appear on their search results page. With a good headline and meta description, these users will want to read your blog and land on your website.

Establish brand legitimacy

People trust consistency and accuracy when they intend to spend money. Blogs are a great way to establish your brand and create a more engaging customer journey. 

Gain customer trust

With a great blog page, it’s clear that you take care of updating your website. This highlights your reachability and dedication to your customer service. 

Why you should outsource your content creation

Planning, writing, reviewing, and optimising blog articles is time-consuming and expensive.

We do it all for you.

Content plan

We create the best keyword and content plan for your target audience. This ensures that your blogs answer your future customers’ questions.

Optimised AI writing

We generate informative and readability-friendly blog articles with high SEO scores. AI content generator tools make us both efficient and affordable.

Automated process

While we create your AI blogs you can focus on your work. We deliver your AI blogs via Google Drive. All you have to do is review and upload it on your blog page.

Our monthly subscriptions


For entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to start simple.
79 Monthly
  • 4 blog articles
  • ± 600 words per article
  • Personalised content creation


For companies who want to take their growth to the next level.
129 Monthly
  • 4 blog articles
  • ± 600 words per article
  • Personalised content creation
  • Keyword strategy & analysis


For those who are ready to reach their full potential through their blog page.
229 Monthly
  • 4 blog articles
  • ± 600 words per article
  • Personalised content creation
  • Keyword strategy & analysis
  • Search Engine Result Page (SERP) strategy
  • Dedicated account manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO allows your content to appear on the results page of someone’s google search. If your headline and meta description are catchy, the user will click on your blog and land on your website. It is up to your web design and architecture to then make sure this leads to a conversion.

Our AI software uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to generate unique, high-quality blog posts. By instantly researching the web, our tools are able to learn instantly about the given topic and generate content word by word with the input given by our editors. Our skilled team writers and editors have undergone extensive training in order to properly use the technology to generate optimized content. All blogs are read thoroughly, as they are written and properly edited to correct any inaccuracies or syntax errors. Our editors also ensure the AI does not include any sensitive, illegal or inappropriate topics.

Unlike other agencies that require your recurrent input and order, MAIZE is an automated system, saving you even more time and energy. We take care of the planning and execution. You will receive your content on a monthly basis starting from the first available slot after you sign up.

After your account has been created, you will be provided with a link to your private Google Drive folder. The content will be delivered monthly to this folder and you will receive a notification email when it’s ready. You can always find the link to your folder in your profile on our website.

We analyse your industry, your competitors and your products or services to determine which the best topics are to drive your traffic. Upon registration, you’ll be able to share some topic clusters that you would like to see pop up in your blogs. We then create a monthly content plan tailored to your company.

We work hard to ensure your blog reaches as many people in your target audiences as possible. This means all your selected topics maintain relevance to your main goal (your company, product, service, etc.). Furthermore, posting weekly blogs requires flexibility in the type of content posted, in order to avoid repetition on a short-term basis. You can always reach out to our team at intermaize@gmail.com and let us know which article title you would like to change and why. This should only be done in extreme circumstances. If you’d like for the topic to be excluded in the future, you can provide active feedback through your profile section and we’ll make sure to exclude it from your topic clusters moving forward.

Using AI, our editors can generate content on any given topic available on the internet (so, any given topic). You can check out a list of examples and industries that we frequently write about

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